"Jovian Transformation: Telltale Planetary Events Since 2009..." Review

An extraordinary and one-of-a-kind book... Revealed inside is the evidence of what seems to be a very secret NASA/D.O.E. experiment to alter Jupiter with insertions of fissionable-fissile material over the past couple decades. What had been advertised as harmless insertions of various plutonium pellets by the said institutions is actually shown to be a viable "transformation mechanism" made possible by the nearly-indestructible nature of the devices inserted.

Readers will be stunned by the mountain of discoveries that back up the assertions that, as we speak, Jupiter is undergoing a massive change within, initiated by the said plutonium material. Even a recent NASA article declares the "mystery" of Jupiter's current "turmoil"; the changes, the infrared heat, the peculiar "impacts". All of these anomalies are explained from a different but scientifically plausible perspective based on the introduction of relatively large amounts of heavy plutonium into Jupiter.

What the final result will be is not yet clear...will Jupiter become a tiny artificial star? "Conventional wisdom" says it's not possible, but it is not aware of a novel ingredient that now makes it viable: a massive heat spark artificially introduced near the center!.. something that Jupiter could NOT provide with its own pressure due to low mass, but which has now been stealthily provided to it.

Some say the type of plutonium used won't work. Author, J Edward Carper, provides evidence that the plutonium mix used is actually perfect for the job.

This is a DEEP read for those with curiosity to discover the nature of one of the boldest experiments ever attempted by man!


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